This month’s challenge is in honor of Donate Life Month, to raise awareness of the lifesaving gift of organ donation. As you know, Molly was an organ donor. She made that decision on her own, at age 16, and shared her wishes with us. Because of that, she was able to generously and lovingly give life to five individuals through the donation of six of her organs.

This is a two-part challenge:

1. To raise organ and tissue donor awareness, please wear blue and green and think of Molly and the millions of others who have given generously so others may live.

2. Use the provided links to sign up to be an organ donor. Complete the process by having discussions with your family and close friends to let them know your wishes. It is a critical component to have those important discussions with your loved ones.

Family, friends, and even MAC the puppy, honor Molly’s life saving gifts in many visible ways. Molly’s life saving gifts are giving five people and their families a new quality of life. Consider being an organ donor.