Miles For Molly


Enjoying time outdoors while exercising was a big part of Molly’s life. It is who she was, whether it was running, hiking, or walking, whether it was in the company of others or in solitude, Molly enjoyed it all! Being physically fit was as important to her as being spiritually and emotionally fit. Seeing them as intertwined, she often used her running, walking, and hiking time as prayer and meditation time. Molly was so well balanced in part because she spent time “putting the miles in”. She was a cross-country runner in middle school and high school and ran her first half-marathon at the age of 15, finishing 2nd in her age group. Molly continued to use running as a way to keep her body, mind and soul in shape.

This page highlights others’ running, walking, and hiking with the same intent – enjoying the great outdoors, in solitude or with others, while growing in faith and becoming more fit.

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