FAITH – Bring light to the world! Grow in your faith and support the faith of others.

Molly has always been a faithful example of a prayer warrior on earth and now she is our Guardian Angel in heaven. Her walk with Christ is a shining example for all of us and something we are trying to emulate. Again, another high standard set for us by Molly, not easy to follow but very worthy to attempt. Molly not only prayed, she put action behind her petitions as she grew closer to God and worked tirelessly to bring others along as well. 

In looking through her things, I came across several documents that she created to show who she prayed for each day during Lent in recent years. We are in awe of learning about yet another quiet, faith-filled, and inspiring way that Molly served others. I am on the list, we are on the list and likely you are on the list as well. Many of you reading this had “your day” that she prayed a Divine Mercy Chaplet in your honor – you are on her “prayer intention list”. True to Molly’s spirit, she even prayed for the conversion of non-believers to grow in faith. 

Please take a nudge from Molly and consider how you might grow in your faith or help others grow. Today and everyday, in Molly’s name and for her legacy, let’s bring more light into the world. 

Please share this challenge with others. #MollysMiracles

“Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.”

Philippians 4:6