“Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.”

St. John Paul ll – From Molly’s Instagram Banner

Adventure is defined as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” Molly defined adventures as anything that brought a smile to your face, got you moving, connected you to others, and got you out of the house. Each week, on Wednesday or Thursday, I would receive a call from Molly asking, “What adventures are you planning for the weekend?” If the answer was “nothing yet or I haven’t thought about it”, she would give a gentle “Molly nudge” and say, “Make sure you do something fun, you deserve it”. Followed by “I can’t wait to hear about it.” 

Being part of the “Front Row Crew”, hiking 14ers, skiing fresh powder, visiting cathedrals in new cities, concerts at Red Rocks, “rating stadiums” with Drew on their 1-10 system,  (just ask him about it), finding the most unique tourist attractions in each state, camping, a long walk in a beautiful setting, going out for ice cream, or  a simple trip to Trader Joe’s or Target, these were all considered adventures to Molly! Adventures, big and small – it didn’t matter and it doesn’t matter, according to “Molly’s Adventure Guidelines” it all counts and “adventures” filled her world. Her radiant smile was always visible in the photos of the adventures and the retelling of the memories. Hold tight to those memories….. 

Your challenge today is to plan an adventure, big or small and make sure it becomes a reality. Connect with others through your adventure and build relationships with family and friends as you try something new. Frame life through an “adventure lens”. These experiences make beautiful and lasting memories – the gifts that remain when we can no longer physically be together. Find your adventurous spirit and find joy in that adventurous spirit – it is what Molly always did and it is what she would want for us. She found adventures, she made adventures, and she brought others together through adventures. Life is an adventure….live it…..and as Molly would say, “you deserve it”

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Jeremiah 3:33

What adventure are you planning? Please share this challenge with others and share your adventures with us. #MollysMiracles