Live and Love Like Molly! 

Kindness….. Molly was so kind to everyone, always! She had a beautifully radiant smile, supportive words, and a helpful hand for all. Her mind was always in “kindness mode” as she cared deeply for others and she naturally gravitated toward helping in big and small ways. She lived knowing that small acts of kindness to others have big meaning and lasting impact.

So today, you are challenged to make your kindness to others visible. Ignite a flame of kindness and let the ripple effect be far reaching as it is much needed in our world. Use this kindness opportunity to “earn heaven a little more” and make our world a little better, brighter, and happier today for yourself and others.

Please share this as we spread kindness to others.We look forward to hearing of the impact and ripple effect as we “live and love like Molly”. #MollysMiracles

Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinithians 16:14