2/22/22 I really wasn’t going to post today…but then how can I not on 2/22/22?

Molly being our “numbers girl” would have LOVED this day. She would have been making puns and jokes and celebrating “Twosday”. She would have been texting and Snapping so many of you. So we celebrate her in paradise or as she would have likely said “pair”adise….

As the sun rises in all its beautiful glory today, I can’t help but think of Molly’s influence on the world. Please continue to carry that forward and live like Molly (I have been trying and I know first hand how very difficult this is!). We all know that Molly is using her amazingly brilliant smile to light up heaven. Use your smiles today. Smile at the beauty in others, smile at nature, smile at a song, smile at things that would have made Molly smile, and smile through the tears. 

Your kind words are so touching. The stories are amazing and so typical of Molly’s life. Thank you for reaching out. Your comments, sharing and communication make others, including us, feel closer to Molly even when she is no longer physically with us. Thank you for spreading the love for Molly.