You are challenged to articulate your aspirations for 2024 into one, all-encompassing, meaningful word. Look for yours in the world around you. Let it come to you via hints, signs, signals, and symbols.

Choosing a “word for the year” is a helpful way to combine your goals, values, hopes, and action plan for the upcoming year. It is a personal way to embrace your uniqueness and provide inspiration throughout all of 2024.

As you embrace the new year, your “word” becomes your touchstone and reminder on both the good days and the challenging ones.

To help find your word, reflect on your:
– Relationships
– Work
– Physical, mental, emotional, and social health
– Lifestyle and hobbies
– Milestones

This one word can help provide and bolster the “why” in life and the year ahead, to help you achieve your goals and live more intentionally.

So, what is your “Word of the Year” for 2024?