Find True JOY.

Joy is the abiding sense of well-being. Molly knew this and radiated JOY throughout her short life. She knew that TRUST leads to LOVE which leads to JOY. Molly found JOY in her life through her strong faith because she trusted and loved the Lord. JOY is the byproduct of that love. 

Your “Molly’s Challenge” this month is to examine your life and find your source of true JOY!

As you know, Molly encouraged all of her family and friends to participate in “Bible in a Year” by Fr. Mike Schmitz. We are grateful for that lasting (and everlasting) gift and many of us are now into year two, thanks to Molly’s influence. This past week, several people sent Fr. Mike’s Homily to us with beautiful words, “This reminded me of Molly”, “I hear Molly in this”, “Thinking of Molly. Fr. Mike’s Homily on Joy:

This is the JOYFUL challenge for you……You are encouraged to listen to the Homily, examine the JOY in your life, and pass it on to others (see what we did there….rolled three challenges into one this month!).


Please enJOY and share this challenge with others.

and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.’

1 Timothy 1:14