Today not only marks Easter but also two difficult months without our sweet Molly physically here with us on earth. Though our hearts are still hurting we understand most especially on this day that she is living in the eternal life that she prepared for so fervently during her beautiful 23 years.

John, Megan, Drew, Angela, Mike, and I attended a Memorial Mass for Molly today at Our Lady of the Snow in Granby, CO. Father Mathias honored Molly at the beginning of Mass, spoke about her during the homily and we prayed again for her and all of us at the end of Mass. It was so very touching and another way to honor Molly’s beautiful life. It was a hard and happy day.

The newest challenge is in support of Donate Life Month. This week is Blue and Green Spirit Week. Your challenge is to wear blue and/or green and think of Molly and the millions of others who have given generously so others may live. To learn more about organ donation, visit:

Live and Love Like Molly!